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Kinkys Kingdom 02 – 31.12.2015 – english

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kinkys-kingdom-02-flyer„A KINGDOM FOR ALL OF YOU”

KinkyBeats Cologne is writing a new chapter in it’s sparkling book of arts.

To all you princesses and princes! You better get dressed up for New Years Eve! Open your treasure chest and put on your favorite, most beautiful and most exciting garment. Don´t forget to take your whip, gag, rope and mask with you! Start into a new age of hedonistic lifestyle. Enjoy yourselves and let your glory be reflected from the chandelier through the whole realm!

Join our castle of black sins and become one with KINKY´S KINGDOM

It’s about time…  Kinky’s Kingdom is back and finally opens it’s gates!

More precisely the doors of it’s castle… What would a kingdom be without a castle?

That’s why we gonna take you with us to a wonderful, venerable castle not far from Bonn/ Germany. Let’s celebrate a memorable new years eve between chandeliers, knights hall, parlours, infamous cellar vaults and history charged masonry.

Time to dress up again with precious, dark garment. Dance, celebrate and play…..on aristocratic ground!

Kights Hall
– Prince Mister Mola ( La Demence)
– Prince Marc Vision ( Circle Music)

– Prince  DJ KÄMPFER (Lalique, Temple Of Goth)

+Welcome Drink by Tabu Absinth 21-23Uhr
+Fruit Banquet Table
+Midnight Soups
+Playroom (follow us to the cellar-vault…)

Is near Bonn – you will get more informations about the location after buying a ticket. May we ask you to utmost secrecy about the location

Please take care of what you wear this night. It helps to avoid difficulties at the entrance. Kinky’s Kingdom IS and always will be a FETISH PARTY. If you don’t follow the dresscode rules we are forced to leave u outside! NO MERCY!
The word of the doorbitch is FINAL!

We allow Black Suits or Smokings ONLY for this Event!

+ STREETWEAR including Tank Tops or regular cotton shirts Camouflage
+ trousers Jeans Regular cotton underwear (especially no boxers)
+ Slippers, sneakers (except FULLY gay sport fetish outfit)

The GO’s
Latex, Leather, Vinyl, Uniform, Burlesque, Fantasy, School Boys, School Girls, Metal, Fetish Steam Punk, Fetish Goth, Fetish Glamour, Cross-Dress, Gay Sport-Fetish

December 31st 2015
Doors open 21-5Uhr /9pm – 5 am
Prices 64 Euro AK/ 54 Euro VVK

ATTENTION: The precise adress of the castle is only avaiable by request under sue@kinky-a-fair.de !!!

Presale Tickets avaiable under www.kinkyworld.de/tickets or at

Engelbertstrasse 31a
50674 Köln

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